Marysville - beautiful Marysville. It was Victoria's "Camelot" A very pretty
little town with English Oaks
lining the streets, with quaint, old-fashioned shops and homes, and an aura of yesteryear,
a truly beautiful
and serene hamlet set in magnificent forest.

This is dedicated to all those who were touched by the Black Saturday bushfires and to the
brave fire
fighters who battled with the forces of nature.

Marysville Time

Marysville Before And After by BlossomFlowerGirl

Flowers of Marysville


Steavenson Falls ~ after Black Saturday

Although I have been back to Marysville several times since that fateful day in February 2009, this was the first time I have been back to the Falls. I felt saddened and a sense of something lost. I filmed this on Sunday 7th November (2010) and as the area re-generates, will film that too.

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ash and Rubble

Monday 9th February 2009.

I'm "lucky" I live in Melbourne. But from all points and directions of Melbourne, north, east, and west - that's where the bushfires are.
Last night the death toll was 93. Police found 15 more bodies overnight, taking the total as of this morning to 108. It is expected there will be more as police search through houses. buildings and burnt out cars.

Over 50 roads still remain closed. Several of the areas hardest hit - I stayed there not long ago and I remember the beauty, but now...? It is said these fires are worse than what was known as Black Friday - a day in January 1939.

So many people dead and we worry about our little lives it makes a lot of life's little problems seem very small.

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