Marysville - beautiful Marysville. It was Victoria's "Camelot" A very pretty
little town with English Oaks
lining the streets, with quaint, old-fashioned shops and homes, and an aura of yesteryear,
a truly beautiful
and serene hamlet set in magnificent forest.

This is dedicated to all those who were touched by the Black Saturday bushfires and to the
brave fire
fighters who battled with the forces of nature.

Marysville Time

Marysville Before And After by BlossomFlowerGirl

Flowers of Marysville


Steavenson Falls ~ after Black Saturday

Although I have been back to Marysville several times since that fateful day in February 2009, this was the first time I have been back to the Falls. I felt saddened and a sense of something lost. I filmed this on Sunday 7th November (2010) and as the area re-generates, will film that too.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Uncle Fred and Aunty Val's Olde Style Lolly Shop

The wonderful world of goody-num-nums

Strolling down Murchison Street one sunny afternoon, I spotted this wonderful old shop - what I dubbed as "Ye Olde English Lolly Shoppe" - Uncle Fred & Aunty Val's Old Style Lolly Shop and as I entered the building I stood in awe with mouth-watering delight. I was like a little child whose Christmases had all come at once. There were so many yummy lollies and chocolates of every description.

I bought chocolates, lollies, boiled sweets, candy bracelets, truffles and all the "stocking fillers" for the Christmas stockings. I am ashamed to say I gobbled up most of the goodies reserved for the stockings. Naturally, I had to go back and replace them. But ohh, such scrumdiddlyumptious treats.

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